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The role of the Ombudsman 

The Ombudsman is not to investigate Government’s actions only from a strictly legal view point.  While he is expected to determine whether such actions conformed to applicable laws and regulations, he is also encouraged to consider all factors when commenting on their fairness.  If the Ombudsman concludes that the action complained of, though conforming to a law or practice, was unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or improperly discriminatory, he can recommend adequate redress and make such recommendations as he deems fit to rectify the injustice and to reconsider any law on which it is based.

The Ombudsman often acts as a mediator between the aggrieved citizen and the public authority.  His investigation is often concluded by a final opinion and formal recommendations to redress the justified complaint.  However many complaints are resolved informally during the course of the investigation.