Mission Statement

The Ombudsman’s objective is to contribute towards the development of a public service-culture characterized by fairness, dedication, commitment, openness, accountability and the promotion of the right to good public administration.

His primary function is to defend individuals against acts of maladministration, injustice, improper discrimination and abuse of power by public authorities.  His remit is to investigate and resolve grievances that individuals allege to have received from government departments and public authorities within his jurisdiction.  He does this with fairness and justice applying laws and regulations and the rules of equity in a timely and efficient manner.

His secondary but no less important function is to promote and develop a public service-culture that contributes towards the improvement of the quality of the Maltese public administration not only by recommending equitable redress for justified complaints, but also, by contributing towards the improvement of laws and administrative processes and procedures that are the source of injustice and hardship.