Anticipation for the Ombudsman Conference in Malta

All is set for the International Conference hosted by the Office of the Ombudsman in Malta in collaboration with the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM). The theme of the conference theme is “The Right to Good Administration: Myth, Aspiration, and Reality?”.

Set over two days, the event will start on 31st October 2023. The opening will include contributions from Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, Parliamentary Ombudsman of Malta and Secretary General and Treasurer of the AOM, Dr. Andreas Pottakis, Ombudsman of Greece and President of the AOM, and the Hon. Dr. Anglu Farrugia, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Malta, together with a video message from Mrs Emily O`Reilly, the European Ombudsman.

The conference will examine the possible application in domestic law of the right to good administration that is incorporated in Art 41 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.  Experts will be submitting presentations that will analyse the subject from a wide spectrum, including human rights and privacy. Finding a balance between the protection of the rights of the person and the demands of the public administration is a matter of ever-increasing interest as it affects the everyday lives of people.

There will also be a session that will focus on the dynamics of State offices and the public administration. A key plenary session will delve into the relationship between these entities, highlighting the need for effective collaboration and mutual respect.

On the second day, 1st November 2023, the conference will be concluded with an address by the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Dr. Bernard Grech, and the Prime Minister, the Hon. Dr. Robert Abela.

Foreign participants from Ombudsman and Human Rights Institutions will include Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt,  Finland, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Morocco, Poland, Monaco, Serbia, Slovenia, Türkiye, as well as from the Council of Europe and the European Ombudsman.

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