Governance in Action Report in reply to the Ombudsman Annual Report published

The Office of the Ombudsman notes the release of the “Governance in Action” report by the Principal Permanent Secretary, which responds to our 2022 Annual Report. This document reflects efforts to improve public administration through implementing recommendations and enhancing service quality and accountability.

Highlights from the Governance in Action Report:

  • The report emphasises the governance action exercise’s role in implementing Ombudsman recommendations, improving service quality, and ensuring accountability.
  • Investments have been made to upgrade the reporting system for Ombudsman cases, introducing a new digital platform to enhance case management efficiency.
  • The report notes that 86.1% of the Ombudsman’s recommendations were implemented in 2022, indicating progress in resolving issues and improving service delivery.
  • Outreach sessions for public entities have been initiated to focus on good governance principles, particularly those related to service delivery and customer service.
  • The collaborative efforts across public administration sectors have contributed to the outcomes detailed in the report.

The Office of the Ombudsman reaffirms its commitment towards the improvement of public services and will continue to monitor areas with recurring issues and propose solutions. Regular discussions with public entities have led to progress, showing a willingness to cooperate and improve.

The Office encourages the public administration to be more open to complaints, prompt in responding, and willing to implement recommendations and address fairly the complaints and concern of people.

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