Implemented Recommendation: Noisy Percussion Instruments removed from Ġnien il-Millenju Public Garden

The Complaint

Various residents lodged complaints about the noise from percussion instruments being played at odd hours. These instruments had been installed in close proximity to their residences by the St Paul’s Bay Local Council at Ġnien il-Millenju.

The Investigation

The Local Council responded by stating that the installation of these instruments had been approved by both the Council and the Planning Authority, and signs indicating the permitted times for playing had been erected. However, residents’ complaints continued, leading the Commissioner to bring up the case with the Planning Authority.

The Commissioner underscored that the permit issued was specifically for the installation of percussion exhibits, not for playing instruments. Moreover, the approval of such instruments in a public garden was not according to current planning regulations.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The Commissioner advised the revocation of the relevant permit and suggested potential enforcement action.


Upon receiving the Final Opinion, the Planning Authority agreed to begin the process for permit revocation, and the Local Council passed a motion to remove these percussion instruments.

Ultimately, the St Paul’s Bay Local Council removed the percussion instruments from Ġnien il-Millenju. Simultaneously, the Planning Authority revoked the relevant permit, thereby fully meeting the residents’ requests

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