Making a Complaint

Complaints can be lodged with the Office of the Ombudsman in the form of a letter, by email or by the appropriate complaint form, which provide all the necessary information.

Copies of correspondence and documents necessary to support the complaint and to show that the public body concerned has already been approached in order to provide redress should be made available by the complainant to the Office of the Ombudsman before an admissible complaint can be investigated any further.

If the complaint is lodged by email, or by the complaint form, a printed and signed copy of the complaint form together with all supporting documentation must be mailed to the Office of the Ombudsman at 11, St. Paul Street, Valletta.

The Ombudsman charges no fees for his services and undertakes to conclude his investigations in the shortest possible time although this commitment does not in any way prejudice the quality of his work.

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