Ombudsman educational talk at De La Salle College – Senior School

The educational talks organised by the Office of the Ombudsman included a session at De La Salle College in Vittoriosa targeted at senior school students. This was held on Thursday 23rd April.

The Commissioner for Education, Chief Justice Emeritus Vincent De Gaetano, was welcomed by Mr Norbert Zahra, Head of the Senior School. The session focused on clarifying the critical role and functions of the Ombudsman in safeguarding the citizens’ right to good administration.

Students and teachers were encouraged to engage actively during the presentation with questions about the Ombudsman’s duties and powers. This dialogue aimed at deepening the understanding of those present on how the Ombudsman handles complaints and helps to promote justice and fairness in public administration.

At the end of the talk, students participated in an interactive exercise with the Commissioner by way of a mock complaint. This was designed as a practical and engaging way for the students to grasp the implications of the Ombudsman’s work and its importance in ensuring that the public administration maintains a transparent and accountable approach to complaints raised by persons who feel aggrieved by acts or omissions of the administration.

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