Ombudsman emphasises the proactive role and announces new prize in law at Quarterly Law Seminar

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, was the main speaker at the Quarterly Law Seminar discussing the Ombudsman Remedy in Malta organised by the Chamber of Advocates in collaboration with the Office of the Ombudsman, the University of Malta, and the Malta Law Academy.

During his keynote speech, the Ombudsman gave an in-depth analysis of the Ombudsman’s legislation, role and functions. The Ombudsman emphasised the office’s crucial role in overseeing government agencies and public authorities. One significant point was that the Ombudsman’s investigations could be proactive, potentially leading to reassessing how public authorities perform their functions. These investigations may improve government policy, practices, and legislation.

The Ombudsman also stressed the importance of being a “mover of change” by recommending government policies and practices changes. Another observation was that the Ombudsman could assist the public and government agencies by directing people to the appropriate point of inquiry, improving their relationship. This, in turn, positively impacts the effectiveness of government operations.

The Ombudsman also announced the ‘MALTA PARLIAMENTARY OMBUDSMAN PRIZE IN LAW‘. The scope of this award is to encourage research and knowledge dissemination on ombudsman-related subjects.

All LLB (Hons) students, Higher Diploma Legal Procurator students, and Master in Human Rights Law & Practice students who present a dissertation or a long essay on an ombudsman-related subject during a particular academic year will be eligible for this reward.

The full speech can be accessed here

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