Ombudsman meets the Council of the Malta Chamber

Following an invitation by The Malta Chamber, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, met with the Chamber. This council is composed of 19 elected members responsible for overseeing the business affairs of the Chamber, lead by President Chris Vassallo Cesareo.

The primary aim of the meeting was to enhance understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Ombudsman in guaranteeing a fair and transparent public service. During this session, the Ombudsman elaborated on his jurisdiction and the procedure for investigating complaints. These complaints can come from individuals, such as citizens and residents, or organisational bodies like The Malta Chamber itself. The Ombudsman also discussed the ‘own initiative investigation’ procedure and the tangible outcomes stemming from issues encountered in people’s daily lives.

The members present for the meeting had the opportunity to raise issues and ask the Ombudsman questions related to challenges they encountered. The President of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Mr Christopher Vassallo Cesareo, stated that, “The Malta Chamber is committed to foster a relationship of collaboration between the two organisations. We will continue to explore opportunities for future collaboration between the Ombudsman’s office and the Malta Chamber particularly in championing better good governance and fair public procurement.”

The Ombudsman emphasised his office’s meticulous, fact-based approach in investigations, ensuring that they bolster enforcement and see through their findings. He reaffirmed his dedication to fostering a just public administration through conviction. He highlighted that an efficient public administration not only benefits the general public but also the business community and the administration itself.

The Ombudsman expressed his availability for future meetings, including with the broader membership of The Malta Chamber.

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