Ombudsman meets the European Ombudsman

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, met with European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, to discuss further collaboration within the European Network of Ombudsman with particular attention to good administration.

Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon emphasised that his top priority is to bringing the office closer to the people and improving relations with public administration during complaint investigations. He shared plans for initiatives aimed at enhancing public awareness and understanding the importance of the Ombudsman’s role.

EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly highlighted the importance of the European Network of Ombudsman in promoting good administration across member countries.

Both Ombudsmen reaffirmed their commitment to improving good administration at the European and national levels.

By sharing best practices, experiences, and learning from each other, members of the European Network of Ombudsman aim to strengthen their institutions, contributing to a more responsive and inclusive system of governance that serves the best interests of all people. 

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