Ombudsman’s Letter to the President of the House of Representatives – unjust attacks


15 February 2016

The Hon. Anglu Farrugia
President, House of Representatives
Parliament of Malta
Republic Street

Mr President,

I consider it my duty as an authority established under the Constitution of Malta and as an Officer of this Parliament, to register my disapproval and concern regarding the unjust and unjustified attacks that have been made and are still appearing in a section of the media and elsewhere against the institution I represent.  These direct attacks are not only directed against me personally but also against a Commissioner and employees in my Office who provide a service to the citizen.  I also note that similar attacks were also aimed at the Office of the Auditor General – another Constitutional Authority and also an Officer of this Parliament.

I respectfully request you to convey the following message to the House:

  1. I strongly believe in the fundamental right of  of expression and in the freedom of the press. I accept without any reservation that my work be and remain subject to the scrutiny of this House and of public opinion.  I welcome every objective criticism, however severe it may be, so long as this is based on facts and made in good faith.
  2. I do however strongly object to allegations of bias, partisan politics, personal vindictiveness or other ulterior motives because these can only undermine the authority which I represent, and cast shadows on the democratic process in this country. I assume responsibility for Final Opinions and Reports which I release as well as for the running of the Office.  I have full faith in the loyalty, competence, integrity and dedication of the Commissioners and of the officers and other staff at the Office.
  3. I assure the House that in loyalty to my oath of Office, I have always sought to carry out my functions to the best of my ability, in a fully independent and impartial manner.

The above is stated in the interest of the citizen so that, within the limits of my ability, I continue to ensure his or her right to good public administration based on truth, transparency and accountability.  This is what I will continue to strive for.



J Said Pullicino
Parliamentary Ombudsman

(The letter was tabled in Parliament on the 15th February 2016)

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