Parliamentary Ombudsman presents Case Notes 2023 to the Speaker of the House

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, has officially presented the Case Notes 2023 to the Hon. Anglu Farrugia, Speaker of the House. This edition marks the 43rd since the Office of the Ombudsman was established in 1995 and the first under Judge Emeritus Zammit McKeon’s tenure as Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The Case Notes 2023 comprises a carefully selected compilation of 36 cases that reflect the broad spectrum of public concerns and grievances handled by the Ombudsman and the specialised Commissioners. Each case encapsulates the core issues, the reasoning behind the Ombudsman’s investigations, and the outcomes or subsequent actions based on these recommendations.

In his foreword, the Ombudsman expressed his satisfaction with this year’s edition, which continues the Office’s esteemed tradition of shedding light on the Ombudsman’s crucial role in promoting transparency, accountability, and fairness within Maltese public administration. He stated, “This publication highlights our commitment to justice and equity and serves as an essential resource to inspire ongoing dialogue and enhancements in governance and public service.”

The Case Notes 2023 delve into various sectors, including social housing, military promotions, education, health, environmental and planning. The issues addressed range from safety risks in social housing to challenges of ensuring fair promotion processes within the Armed Forces of Malta. Notably, the publication underscores the Office of the Ombudsman’s crucial role in advocating for patient rights and the quality of healthcare services, a testament to the importance of the Ombudsman’s work in the health sector.

The Speaker of the House has tabled the Case Notes edition for the attention of Parliament.

A copy of the publication can also be downloaded here

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