Recommendations not implemented: Lands Authority fails to take appropriate action to remedy a sewage blockage caused by a garage it owns


In terms of Article 22(4) of the Ombudsman Act, the Ombudsman, Mr. Anthony C. Mifsud, and the Commissioner for Environment and Planning, Perit Alan Saliba, have sent to the House of Representatives the Final Opinion about a complaint concerning a sewage blockage in a block of apartments in Siggiewi caused by a poorly maintained garage owned by the Lands Authority.

Case Summary

On 18 May 2021, the Office of the Ombudsman received a complaint against the Lands Authority for failing to take action to remedy the condition of its owned garage, which was causing a blockage in the drainage system of a block of apartments in Siggiewi. The complainant alleged that this blockage was causing lift damages and rat infestation.

Following an investigation, the Commissioner concluded that there were serious shortcomings in how the Lands Authority dealt with this complaint.

The Commissioner recommended that the Authority should make the necessary repairs without further delay.


Since the Lands Authority did not accept the Commissioner’s recommendations, the case was referred to the Prime Minister in May 2022. Since no action has been taken, the Ombudsman and the Commissioner sent the report to the attention of the House of Representatives.


08.04.22 – Final Opinion

30.05.22 – Letter to the Hon. Prime Minister

30.06.22 – Letter to Mr Speaker 

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