The Commissioner for Environment and Planning attends a conference entitled “Consumer Code and the Clean Energy for All Package: How to protect New Consumers?”

The Commissioner for Environment and Planning, Perit David Pace attended a conference entitled  “Consumer Code and the Clean Energy for All Package: How to protect New Consumers?”organised by the National European Ombudsman Network in Brussels.

The conference discussed the opportunities and risks of the provisions of the Clean Energy Package for all energy consumers, prosumers and vulnerable consumers alike.

In his concluding remarks NEON President Lewis Shand Smith stated that “Fair access to redress for all energy consumers requires a change of mindset so that the circumstances of different types of consumers are taken into consideration”

The Conference affirmed that access to affordable energy is an essential social right, it’s more than a commodity, and therefore when choosing to engage, consumers must keep benefiting from the highest levels of consumer protection offered in Europe. In the meantime, stakeholders need to respect the various levels of engagement and make sure the most vulnerable consumers also benefit from the energy transition. Every member state has a different policy mix and a different understanding of the way to help vulnerable consumers and to guide them out of energy poverty, this should be respected as well.

Speakers at the Conference included MEP Theresa Griffin, Carina Tornblom from DG Justice and Consumers, Brendan Devlin DG Energy and Fredeique Coffre, The French energy Ombudsman.


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