The Commissioner for Environment and Planning submits recommendations on the draft Construction Industry Licensing Regulations

The Commissioner for Environment and Planning, Perit Alan Saliba, has submitted a set of recommendations in response to the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) request for public comments on the Draft Construction Industry Licensing Regulations.

The recommendations aim to address disparities within the construction sector, ensure fairness and accountability for all stakeholders, and promote a fair and competitive industry. Key points from the submission include:

  1. Levelling the playing field between periti and contractors: The Commissioner emphasizes the importance of establishing regulations that hold both periti and contractors to the same standards of accountability, thereby eliminating any disparities that currently exist in the sector.
  2. BCA’s responsibility for issuing licenses and maintaining the contractor’s register: The Commissioner suggests that the Building and Construction Authority should continue assuming responsibility for issuing licenses and maintaining a comprehensive register of contractors, in line with the provisions of the Building and Construction Authority Act (Chapter 623 of the Laws of Malta).
  3. Introducing a classification system with a threshold for operation: To promote best practices and professionalism in the construction industry, the Commissioner recommends implementing a classification system based on knowledge, experience, and resources. This system would require contractors who fall below a certain threshold to improve their standing before being allowed to operate, thereby raising the overall quality of the sector.
  4. Introducing licenses for specific specialized activities: Recognizing the importance of specialized services within the construction sector, the Commissioner proposes offering licenses for specific specialized activities, such as piling, scaffolding, shoring, or formworks. This approach would promote professionalism and accountability in these crucial areas of the industry.

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