The Office of the Ombudsman at the International Conference of Ombudsman in Rome

The Office of the Ombudsman took part in the International Conference of Ombudsman in Rome between 21-22 September. This conference was organised by the Ombudsman of the Lazio Region and the President of the National Coordination of Italian Ombudsmen, Mr. Marino Fardelli.

The event was hosted in the Chamber of Deputies Hall of Parliamentary Groups within the Italian Parliament, with discussions centered around ‘The Role of the Ombudsman in the World between reality and possibility.’

Ombudsmen and Human Rights Defenders from various continents attended the conference. Key topics included the role of the ombudsman in bridging the gap between citizens and local public authorities and the influence of digital transformation on the ombudsman’s duties.

Participants also discussed pressing global issues such as human rights during global crises, migration and cross-border conflicts challenges, and the right to health. The discussions explored access to care, the needs of vulnerable populations, and ways the ombudsman can improve public health services.

Moreover, the conference served as a platform for networking, allowing delegates from different jurisdictions to exchange ideas and share experiences.

Representing the Office of the Ombudsman were Mr. Paul Borg, Director General, and Mr. Jurgen Cassar, Head of Communications and Research.

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