The Office of the Ombudsman participates in a training session on the Whistleblower Protection and the Fight against Corruption

From the 21st to the 22nd of November 2023, the Office of the Ombudsman participated in a joint training programme organised by the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsman and the Association of Francophone Ombudsman on the initiative of the Mediator of the Kingdom of Morocco. The theme of this training conference was “Whistleblower Protection and the Fight against Corruption.”

The conference saw active participation from various African and European Ombudsman offices and the Quebec Ombudsman, all emphasising their commitment to the significant and positive impact that whistleblowers can have on good governance and sound administration. Speakers included representatives from dedicated branches of the Quebec, Belgian, and French Ombudsman offices who explained the various protocols involved in combating corruption and individuals reporting corrupt public administration practices.

Dr Brian Said, Senior Investigating Officer at the Office of the Ombudsman, presented a paper on the Ombudsman’s role in the legal framework of whistleblowing in Malta and its interaction with the institution of the Ombudsman when protecting whistleblowers.

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