The Ombudsman and the President of the Local Councils Association discuss several topics affecting Local Councils in Malta

The Parliamentary Ombudsman Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon and the President of the Local Council Association (LCA), Mr Mario Fava, met to discuss several key topics affecting local councils.

The meeting began with a focus on the role, functions, and scope of the Ombudsman’s Office. Both the Ombudsman and the President of the LCA recognised that an improved understanding of the office’s mandate would aid cooperation and strengthen relations between the two entities.

The conversation also explored how the Ombudsman’s Office can better serve local councils in dealing with government departments. This discussion highlighted the mutual objective of resolving conflicts and fostering effective collaboration.

A central point of discussion was the implementation of the Ombudsman’s recommendations by local councils and the delay in responses to information requests from certain local councils.

Both parties agreed to host regular information sessions for local councils. These sessions aim to increase understanding of the Ombudsman’s role and functions, thereby enhancing cooperation.

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