The Ombudsman presents the Annual Report 2022 to the Speaker of the House

The Parliamentary Ombudsman, Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon, submitted the Annual Report 2022 to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon. Anglu Farrugia. The results outlined in this report were delivered during the extended term of office of Mr Anthony C. Mifsud, who served as Parliamentary Ombudsman until 8th March 2023.

In the foreword of the Annual Report 2022, the Ombudsman acknowledged the remarkable service of his predecessor, Mr Anthony C. Mifsud, and former Commissioner for Health, Mr Charles Messina, for demonstrating unwavering commitment to their roles, setting commendable standards for public service. “The country owes a debt of gratitude to these loyal servants,” the Ombudsman said.

The Ombudsman expressed his commitment to reaffirm, through tangible and positive action, the primary role of the Ombudsman in addressing complaints by persons with regard to actions of the public administration that are allegedly unfair, prejudicial, or discriminatory.

Looking ahead, the Ombudsman announced that through determined proactive action, he intends to increase “own initiatives” investigations aimed at improving the workings of the public administration, not just to better the level of service but also to highlight the good that the public administration does for its customers. He assured that whoever resorts to the Office of the Ombudsman will find solace in this institution and that all efforts will be focused on ensuring that recommendations are implemented by public authorities, primarily through the force of conviction.

The Ombudsman continued, stating that he strongly believes that the institution, even within the current legal framework, has the ability and will to stimulate and advance legitimate debates on the daily defence of human rights in all aspects.

In these initial months, the Ombudsman said that he had witnessed responsive public services, and he would like to commend those sectors of the public administration that have reacted positively or shown understanding to inquiries made by the Office.

Download the Annual Report from here

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