The Ombudsman’s mandate

The Ombudsman’s mandate is to investigate any action taken by or on behalf of:

  • any government department or other authority of the Government, any Minister or Parliamentary Secretary and any other public officer;
  • any statutory body and/or partnership or other body in which the government has a controlling interest including any director, member, manager or other official belonging to such organisation;
  • local councils and any committees thereof, mayors, councillors and members of staff; and
  • any other body or entity subjected by law to his jurisdiction.

The Ombudsman is empowered to conduct any such investigation on his own initiative or on the written complaint of any person, having an interest, who claims to have been aggrieved.  The Ombudsman is autonomous and not part of Government.  He is answerable to Parliament and like Parliament holds the Government accountable to the people for its actions.

When the Ombudsman’s investigation shows that the complaint is justified, he may recommend that complainant be given adequate redress.