The Ombudsplan 2024 tabled in Parliament

Public awareness of the Ombudsman’s Office has surged from 70% in 2015 to nearly 91% in 2023.

The Hon. Anglu Farrugia, Speaker of the House of Representatives, tabled the Ombudsplan 2024 in Parliament yesterday. This marks the first Ombudsplan of Judge Emeritus Joseph Zammit McKeon as Parliamentary Ombudsman. In the document the Office of the Ombudsman published important findings from a survey that was commissioned by the Office itself to assess public understanding and perspectives.

Furthermore, the Ombudsman shares insights on various aspects of his constitutional role.

In the Ombudsplan 2024, the Parliamentary Ombudsman stated that “In the current year and for the four years to come, it shall be an obligation on our part as an Office of Parliament to address the concerns of all persons who seek redress and, if entitled, to give them fair remedies, through motivated recommendations addressed to the public administration.

In order to do so, the Office must be brave, objective, factual, upright, and with no agenda other than what is fair because when a person who has a right is convinced that the credentials of the Office are proper and credible, then that person will choose to bring forward his grievances to the Office rather than go elsewhere.”

The Ombudsplan 2024 will be subsequently considered and debated in a special session of the House Business Committee. The document can be downloaded from here.


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