The setting up of an International Ombudsman Law Institute in Malta

The Parliamentary Ombudsman is proposing the setting up of an International Ombudsman Law Institute in Malta, an autonomous and independent seat of advanced learning in legal and public administration studies focusing on Ombudsman legislation and its relevance in the wider context of good public administration.

The aim of the institute will be to create a nucleus of graduates hailing mostly from countries from Southern Europe and North Africa. The objective of the institute is to contribute towards a development of a public service culture characterised by fairness, dedication, commitment, openness, transparency and accountability. The main purpose of the institute will be to serve as a regional centre of teaching excellence that will organise post-graduate courses and accredited training programmes to suitably qualified candidates.

The proposal which was launched during the 8th General Assembly of the Association of the Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM) was positively welcomed by the AOM which declared that it “welcomes this project that would be of great benefit to the Ombudsman ideals and to strengthening of democratic institutions”.

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