What is his role?

The Ombudsman serves as a Commissioner for Administrative Investigations who is responsible for the investigation of complaints about any decision, action or lack of action, by public authorities such as government departments, statutory bodies, corporations, agencies and foundations, as well as companies where the Government has an effective controlling interest in the exercise of their administrative functions on behalf of the Government. These complaints are submitted by members of the public who feel aggrieved and who believe that they suffered injustice, hardship or discrimination at the hands of government departments or other public bodies.

The Ombudsman conducts his investigation in a confidential manner and all the information provided to his Office is used only for the purpose of an investigation.

The Ombudsman charges no fees for his services and undertakes to conclude his investigations in the shortest possible time although this commitment does not in any way prejudice the quality of his work.

The Ombudsman is an office of last resort however the filing of a complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman does not interrupt the running of any prescriptive period (prescription is the time frame within which one can institute judicial proceedings). Complainants are therefore advised to take appropriate legal measures to safeguard their rights at law, if they so wish.